Sunday Night Movie: We Were All Female (AsapSCIENCE)

Youtube is sprouting more informative science channels than I can count. One of the best is ASAPscience. Here’s their explainer of human sexual development:

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  1. I use to think of the male and female embryos as having a cloaca opening to go along with their tail and not a labia, but I didn’t know that the Y chromosome didn’t activate right away.

  2. I teach this stuff, but I do not describe the initial state as ‘female’. I can see why some might lean to the initial state as being female, though, because the external structures more closely resemble the female form than they do the male. Interestingly, there are internal reproductive organs for BOTH sexes at first. By the end of 7 weeks of development there is a pair of gonads in the lower abdomen flanked by primordia for fallopian tubes and a uterus. There is also a separate set of plumbing that are the primordia for the vas deferens and epididymus (these are the tubes that conduct sperm from the testes toward the urethra). So regardless of your current gender, you once had internal reproductive organs of the other sex as well!

  3. I like AsapScience and MinutePhysics and there’s a new channel out which is similar to them called sciBRIGHT (YouTube search it!) Quite cool.

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