Sunday Night Movie: True Facts about the Mantis Shrimp

Ze Frank has that magic combination of informative and hilarious. More of Frank’s videos on his Youtube channel.

1 thought on “Sunday Night Movie: True Facts about the Mantis Shrimp”

  1. The sloth is a favorite!

    “I knew you were still thinking about it”

    He takes suggestions, I bet you could give him some fun ant facts, especially since you’re a professional antologist!

    “People who study ants are called M. .yrna. .oco. .logist? This is because they don’t want people to know they study ants. I wouldn’t call myself an antologist either. Plus, I have an aunt. Creepy.”

    He is, also, clearly a wonderful human being. Don’t just hit the True Facts people, his wisdom is elsewhere!

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