A Shiny New Design


Now that my web host, SmugMug, has rebuilt the site’s machinery from scratch, I’ve taken the opportunity to give alexanderwild.com a major overhaul. Go visit, and let me know what you think. The new framework is ridiculously easy to customize, so I’m open to suggestions and bug reports*.

*The first person to report my Hemiptera gallery loses ten Myrmecos points.

8 thoughts on “A Shiny New Design”

  1. I really like the new design of your website. I’m curious, are the images automatically resized to fit four across? And do you have to re-post each image to the site?

    1. Hi Don. Image sizes are automatically calculated, and I didn’t have to do any re-posting of content. Smugmug is just interpreting my existing content in different ways.

  2. Liking the new design, but I might suggest speeding up the fade transition between photos. At the moment it feels a bit sluggish and I find myself having to wait for the previous photo to be fully cleared away from the next one.

  3. Ohh! I am loving this new design. The images look so crisp and beautiful.
    One issue that I noticed is that, the images do not have alt tags which is bad from SEO point of view.
    Leaving that aside, the design looks heavenly 🙂

  4. Love the new format, spent ages on the fireflies. But . . . are you ever going to photograph crickets as anything other than (sniff!) ant food? As an orthoptera lover, I am waiting. 🙂

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