Public Talk: How to Evolve an Army Ant (Chicago, August 4, 3pm)


How to Evolve an Army Ant

Insect photographer Alex Wild chronicles the many ants that have independently adopted a nomadic predatory strategy collectively known as the “Army Ant Syndrome” and discusses what army ants tell us about biological evolution.

Sunday August 4th, 3 p.m.

Black Rock Pub and Kitchen

sponsored by the Chicago Skeptics

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5 thoughts on “Public Talk: How to Evolve an Army Ant (Chicago, August 4, 3pm)”

  1. Alex: What timing and what a treat – I definitely will make it with my COLONIES in hand.

    More of that ANT news follows:

    “AUGUST IS ANT APPRECIATION MONTH”. Let the Month-long Picnic begin. Celebrating 1 of Nature’s most incredible Insects.

    I hope you tape and put this on YOU TUBE so our other Myrmecology friends can see this!

    Cheers, ASK
    Screenwriter: iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS (C)2009
    Scriptapalooza Intl Screenplay Competition Winner of 2010
    Chicago – IL USA
    @ 11:40 AM

  2. This sounds extremely interesting, unfortunately a tight budget and the Atlantic Ocean prevent me from going. Any chance you’ll press ‘record’ on one of your cameras before you start?

  3. In-cred-i-ble photo!

    But . . . aren’t those mandibles digging into somebody’s skin? Ouch! That’s dedication.

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