It’s a trap! For fruit flies, that is.

Apropos of nothing, I made a funnel trap to take care of a burgeoning fruit fly problem in the kitchen:


The design is simple. I rolled regular white office paper into a funnel and taped it into a container with rotting bananas as bait. Flies get in, they have a hard time getting out, and once a day I put the contraption in the freezer.

10 thoughts on “It’s a trap! For fruit flies, that is.”

    1. Very clever! I will have to try that. Hope my department chair does not see it (there rules against that sort of beverage these days).

  1. Julie Stahlhut

    We used to make them in my old lab, from those mini-milk-bottle culture flasks that some labs use to rear Drosophila. Good thing we always had a lot around, because one visiting researcher was notorious for dropping old plastic culture tubes into the trash without checking to see whether the plugs were loose.

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