Answer to the Monday Night Mystery

Proatta butteli, from Borneo

How did you go on Monday’s quiz? The ants, in order, were

A. Dorymyrmex
B. Pseudomyrmex
C. Pachycondyla
D. Ectatomma
E. Proatta
F. Cerapachys
G. Formica
H. Polyergus
I. Nomamyrmex

Which makes the quiz answers:

  1. Which one of these is an army ant? I- Nomamyrmex
  2. Of the others, which is most closely related to the army ant? F – Cerapachys
  3. Which two of these ants are currently classified in the same subfamily? G & H – Formica  Polyergus (Formicinae)
  4. Which one of these ants was collected in Asia? E – Proatta
  5. According to the molecular phylogenies of Moreau and Brady, which of these ants is least related to the others? C – Pachycondyla

For being the first to the correct answers, Pangapaco nets 8 points and Júlio Chaul picks up 2.

Which brings us to the end of the month. After tallying points I’m pleased to announce that Guillaume Dury, with 12 points, is our June winner. Guillaume, contact me for your loot!

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