Sunday Night Movie: More Than Honey (Trailer)

Another documentary has been made about honey bee declines. Yes, we apparently need dozens of them.

Here’s the trailer for More Than Honey, released last week in the United States:

I’ve been disappointed with the credulity of previous efforts. This one does not strike me as being quite so over the top, though I’ve yet to watch it.

Have any of you seen More Than Honey?

4 thoughts on “Sunday Night Movie: More Than Honey (Trailer)”

  1. Some rather nice footage in this one. Looks like maybe the jist of it is that commercial bee-keeping practices are the problem. What do you think aobut that, anyone who knows more about it?

    PS-Love the old Swiss guy in the beginning. It’s hard to believe at first that he’s speaking (a form of) German.

    1. That commercial beekeepers are part of the problem is one of those theoretically obvious but empirically troubled ideas. Of course, we can’t expect honey bees to evolve any resistance to new diseases, pesticides, and other stresses when commercial beekeepers continue to import homogeneous genetic material from a small number of breeders in Hawaii. Plus, any new infirmity gets trucked instantly around the continent.

      But I don’t think any solid studies have nailed this down.

  2. I hope they do a better job of distinguishing between the different diseases and parasites of bees and pay attention to the research and recommendations of USDA scientists. Otherwise this might turn out to be just another attack piece on “factory farms”.

    I believe a Swiss beekeeper spearheaded the movement to blame pesticides for colony collapse disorder. However, the USDA has found that CCD even occurs where bees have had no exposure to pesticides. No single factor has been found to cause CCD, and the current thinking is that a combination of maladies plus stress lead to CCD. Current research is looking at ways to reduce stress on colonies in hopes of reducing CCD.

  3. It at least looked beautifully filmed, and a good, engaging view of bees themselves. Whether the content measures up is something we’ll have to wait to see.

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