Pollen in the pantry: print on sale through June 12th

While inspecting my beehives this morning, I was struck by the mosaic of differently-colored pollen packed in the brood nest. I quickly grabbed my camera, assembled an impromtu field studio, and took the following capture:


Bees mix incoming pollen with honey to form a sort of “bee bread” that serves as protein-rich food for developing larvae. The various colors reflect the source plants.

On uploading this image to facebook, several people inquired about prints. So I am temporarily bringing back the 70%-off sale pricing for just this photo, and just until June 12th. If you’d like pollen to hang on your wall, visit here and click the “buy” button:


I recommend the lustre paper and the 3/4″ standout mount.

photo details:
Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens on a Canon  EOS 7D
ISO 800, f/11, 1/250 sec
Single strobe bounced off white  surface overhead


4 thoughts on “Pollen in the pantry: print on sale through June 12th”

  1. This looks like a man-made home accent to go with the “stressed” furniture that’s so popular right now. You can see the rust on the iron frame. Is this available as a wine rack?

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