David Attenborough is 87 today

I watched Attenborough’s Life on Earth when I was about six or seven. The experience was formative for my budding interest in nature. I read the accompanying Life book so often the binding fell apart.

That Attenborough has continued to inspire young naturalists for decades, with the same enthusiasm and integrity, is marvelous. So, Happy Attenborough Day!

Here’s a short clip from Life in Cold Blood (2008), which I’ve selected because it excerpts rare footage from his early career:

update: the talented wildlife cameraman Gavin Thurston, with whom I worked briefly on an ant documentary, tweets back noting he filmed much of the above segment.

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  1. Without giving away my age, I was one of those who enjoyed “Zoo Quest” when it first was shown. The great man’s TV series brought to life two key books from my school days: Animals without backbones, v. 1 & 2 by Ralph Buchsbaum, and The Vertebrate Story by A S Romer. The former, in particular, sent me down the road to perdition, or, to insects.

    Thanks for the reminder and the clip.

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