Science is reporting:

After 2 years of flogging the need to transform Canada’s National Research Council (NRC) into a toolbox for industry, the Conservative government announced today that the 97-year-old agency is “open for business” under its new philosophy.

‘If Canada is going to continue to compete internationally, we must do it through new ideas, new products, and opening new markets. In other words, through innovation,’ Minister of State for Science and Technology Gary Goodyear told a press conference in Ottawa. ‘The NRC will now focus on the identified research needs of Canadian businesses. It will be customer pull.’

Ridiculous. Commercially viable research programs can and do attract private investment. There is no need for the public to fund such projects.

Unless, of course, the aim is not research but novel ways to funnel public money to the corporate donors that own your political party. Why should a business have to pay for their own for-profit product development, when they can milk the citizenry? The new policy is corruption, plain and simple. Canadians should be outraged.