Answer to the Monday Night Mystery

Monday’s Coleopterous Challenge has gone on quite long enough. Who was the odd beetle out? It was this ground beetle, in with a sea of darkling beetles:

Opisthius richardsoni (Carabidae)

Tenebrionid expert Kojun Kanda not only picks up 10 points for instantaneously identifying the mystery beetle, but 2 bonus points for naming pretty much all the other beetles in the collage. That’s 12 points, enough to take the entire monthly challenge as well.

Nice work, Kojun. Email me for your loot.

2 thoughts on “Answer to the Monday Night Mystery”

  1. For those of us who are not Coleopterous, it might be good to have an explanation/lesson about these small beasties.

  2. I’m always FAR too late to these quizzes… and as a Physical Biochemist, I have no hope in ever getting any of them.

    But I want to reiterate KMS’ point above. Perhaps a small comment on what it is that makes this little fellow the odd-one-out (apart from the clear statement that he’s in a different family). What was the give-away?

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