One more day for the Spring Print Sale

I was planning to close the Spring Print Sale last night, as scheduled, but since I was driving back from Kansas until late I have decided to keep it going for one extra day.

This Hegemona darkling beetle from Belize has been among the most popular photos of the print sale

Thus, the sale gallery will remain open until 10pm EST tonight for any last-minute orders, with prices starting at $3.99 for a 5×7″:

Sprint Insect Print Sale

If you need a framing/mounting recommendation, I particularly like the lustre paper and the 3/4″ standout mount.

*update (5/2/13): the sale is closed- thanks guys! The most popular prints were 1) bee castes; 2) ant on black; 3) leafcutter ant; and 4) Lasioglossum bees.

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