Dr. Eleanor’s eBook of Common Ants

I am extremely pleased to announce the publication of a collaborative project I’ve been working on with science writer Eleanor Spicer Rice and designer Neil McCoy. Dr. Eleanor’s Book of Common Ants is an entry-level ebook written for the general naturalist curious about ants. Dr. Eleanor recounts stories of the most common species seen in the southeastern United States, interspersed with photographs from my galleries. It’s the kind of book you give to the young naturalist who wonders about the ants on the sidewalk, or perhaps to that grumpy uncle who never quite seems to get what it is you are doing in graduate school studying the little creatures.

I’d give you an excerpt, but heck. The whole book is free so you may as well just download your own:

[Disclosure: my participation was paid, but up-front. I do not receive compensation based on subsequent downloads.]

9 thoughts on “Dr. Eleanor’s eBook of Common Ants”

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  2. Timothy Needham


    This is really fabulous.

    I am truly interested in ants and currently live in Indonesia where I get plenty of exposure. Moreover, my son is extremely interested as well.

    In any event, I am certain this project will be of some interest here.


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