Monday Night Mystery: A Mysterious Beetle

What’s this?


5 points for family & 5 points for genus will be awarded to the first person to correctly guess the identity of this little beetle, photographed in Florida earlier this month.

The cumulative points winner across all mysteries for the month of April will win their choice of 1) any 8×10-sized print from my insect photography galleries, or 2) a guest post here on Myrmecos.

Good luck!


26 thoughts on “Monday Night Mystery: A Mysterious Beetle”

          1. According to the relevant state department, Tasmania has around 140 species of ants. While that number may not stack up against beetles and is poor by mainland Australian standards for ant diversity, I wonder how it compares with equivalent regions in Europe or North America?

          2. Lori in Tasmania

            You may be right, James. I’ve spotted a number of ‘flower wasps’ around our house. The males are winged, but the females are flightless, and somewhat ant- or termite-like in appearance. Here’s another:

            Hi KMS. Thanks for the info. Where we live (dry schlerophyll woodland) we have a few bull ant species (which due to my distaste for shoes, I frequently get bitten by), and little sugar ants. I assume our overall number of 140 results in part from our having so many micro-climes in Tasmania, ranging from coastal scrub to high mountain tarns. And yes, it would be interesting to see how we stack up with other islands our size. Our most notorious ant is the “jack jumper” which cause more deaths in Tasmania than spiders, snakes, wasps, and sharks combined. Fortunately I’m not allergic.

          1. Lori in Tasmania

            Thanks Opilioknees, I was blown away as well. My partner actually spotted her, and brought her to me in a glass. I’m very fortunate to have a partner who risks getting bitten to pander to my foibles. : )

  1. I’m late to the party, but the family is Buprestidae. I rarely know any part of the MMM off the top of my head soI’m excited just to participate.

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