Answer to the Monday Mystery: Temnothorax pergandei

What was Monday’s perky myrmicine ant?

Temnothorax pergandei, Gainesville, Florida

All ten points go to “Musidris” (apparently some sort of banana ant) for getting not just the genus and species, but also for noting that the ant’s namesake, 19th century biologist Theodore Pergande, was by profession an aphidologist. Pergande’s preoccupation with ants was mostly conducted on the side, sending specimens to the great European systematists Mayr, Emery, and Forel.

The first time I collected this species, a couple decades ago, I puzzled over the specimens for some time before realizing they were a TemnothoraxIn the field, this species appears leggier than most of its North American congeners, a bit more like a fire ant or a Tetramorium.




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