Your next chance to heckle me will be in Florida next week

An upcoming public appearance!


The fine folks at UF have planned what looks like the perfect week for me. In addition to the talk above, I will be giving a more technical presentation on wasp systematics to the Entomology Department, taking field excursions with the graduate students to photograph local ants, and catching up with friends. Awesome.

4 thoughts on “Your next chance to heckle me will be in Florida next week”

  1. Ants – Check
    Photography – Check
    Wasp Taxonomy – Check

    You’ve just covered my main interests in one go!

    1. I was working over the summer at Landcare Research being supervised by Darren Ward, he said that he’s met you. I was mostly working on Ichneumonid taxonomy in the NZ Arthropod Collection.

  2. I know this is presumptuous, but I’m going to ask anyway:

    Lately your “Recent Images” sidebar has a couple of pictures of Cephalotes clypeatus. Your photos have always been a fabulous menagerie of exotic shapes, but even by that standard these creatures are standouts. Do you have any interesting tales about them?

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