Coming Soon: the Spring Print Sale


You guys were tremendous during my first-ever insect print sale last December. You ordered several hundred prints, quite literally an order of magnitude more than I’d anticipated.

So I’m doing another one. The spring print sale will go online in mid-April with 30 selected prints discounted severely, starting at $3.99/each for a 5×7.  Here’s the new bit: this time I am crowd-sourcing part of the selection.

15 of the 30 images I’m leaving open for you guys to decide. If there’s a particular photograph you’ve been eyeing, let me know via email, facebook, or the comments below.

17 thoughts on “Coming Soon: the Spring Print Sale”

  1. I love the Atta photos and the black ants on glass…besides sooooo many others! Thanks for giving us another shot!

  2. Atta, black ants on glass, salticids, that polistes dominula shot first in the wasp/bee/sawfly gallery – its all good stuff!

  3. I love love LOVE the sweat bees on sideoats grama. Artistic, entomologically interesting, and gorgeous.

  4. Yay! I love your insects-on-white photos! Especially these:!i=245186702&k=J5qrm6F!i=533007107&k=Q4Qscn3!i=1516645125&k=SCMqStt!i=642192750&k=xS23CSp

    I also like the ants-on-black and insects-on-other-solid-colors. (I also love your natural shots, but I think these would all look stunning together on one of our poor bare walls.) Thanks & can’t wait!

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