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  1. I’ve used Google Reader for years and sad to see it go. It’s been a big part of my daily routine of reading blogs and other feeds.

    I’ve moved on to Feedly since the announcement, even though I know that it’s going to end up being a pay-to-play service.

  2. I do – and it’s only way I know how to keep w all blogs & other sites I follow without pulling out every last hair from my scalp! While making appropriate backups, NOT switching to Feedly, OldReader, or any of the other options until last minute, as I still refuse to believe Google c/b so shortsighted and, well, dickish.

  3. I use it to follow this blog and several others. I’ll switch to Feedly or The Old Reader sometime before July.

  4. I’ve been using Google Reader to follow about 70 blogs as well as a couple dozen non-blog RSS feeds for 5+ years.

    Sad to see it go but I’m trying out Feedly and so far it seems to be a perfect match for the Goggle Reader configuration I used.

  5. Reader has been my main interface to the internet for years. I hate to see it go as well. Right now I’m using Newsblur. So far I really like it.

  6. Another formerly Reader, now Feedly person here. Yup, used Google Reader for years, sad to see it go. It’s one less thing keeping me on Google though (I say as I use their web browser — oh well).

  7. I do. The volume of stuff on twitter/facebook/etc would mean I miss many posts, even by the people who consistently tweet their stuff. Many others don’t tweet their posts all the time, don’t have twitter accounts (or I don’t follow them for one reason or another). As I’m not about to intermittently go check web pages for new posts, Google Reader (and RSS) is pretty darn useful. I currently have 154 subscriptions but it goes up and down as I add more or notice that I don’t often read posts from a particular source (I don’t feel like I have to read every post, but if I’m consistently “marking all read” for weeks at a time, I unsubscribe). I’m not sure what my replacement for Google will be yet.

    And a good case in point: I would have missed this post if I hadn’t checked Google Reader just now. 🙂

  8. I’ve got hundreds of blogs and dozens of journals all organized in Reader. Been trying Feedly for a few months now, but looks like I’ll be diving deeper into it starting soon…

  9. I use it heavily.

    My field places much of its work on arXiv, and myself and many of my colleagues follow arXiv posts via reader. We appreciated how compactly it presents articles (particularly before the redesign), and thus our needs are slightly different when looking for a replacement (in particular, feedly seems to fall short here, but some other choices (maybe oldreader and newsblur) are good?).

  10. I use my reader every single day. Thanks for posting this question – I know have several good recommendations for alternatives!

  11. I’ve used reader for ages and was quite happy with it. I’m still trying to decide what I should switch too now that reader is on it’s way out. As it looks like feedly is the favorite here I guess I’ll start with that.

  12. I use it TO THE MAX – I subscribe to probably 70 feeds, half of which are substantive blogs. I am delaying the transition period as long as I can.

  13. I have used Reader for many years, for many blogs and sites. Also used it for saved searches on Craigslist with good success. I have Feedly on my iPad so will probably migrate to that when necessary.

  14. I do. Don’t know what I’ll do when it’s gone. I like being able to use the Google Reader desktop app to go through my stuff without opening my browser.

  15. I use google reader (it’s how I saw this and many other posts)! I’m still trying to decide where I will migrate… I’ve been testing out NewsBlur a bit, but haven’t decided if it’s worth the (actually pretty reasonable) subscription fee of $2/month. I don’t like the aesthetics as well as Google Reader’s though. At least there’s still ample time to decide.

  16. This blog has 1,013 subscribers on Google Reader, according to the stats Reader gives when you subscribe. (I’m one.)

  17. I have used Google Reader daily for several years because it gives me one place to go for an eclectic mix of biology blogs and NYTimes and WaPo essays. Began using Feedly the day of the announcement and now use both of them in parallel.

  18. I’ve used Reader for years, then switched to Reeder, and I have been testing Feedly , just to see which is better. I have heard that Reeder, Feeddler, and Feedly are all working on a solution to be up and running when Reader goes down. They all are good options, especially for mobile

  19. Alissa Hanshew

    Just jumping on the band wagon. I too had used Reader, but moved when they did the redesign a number of months ago. I just couldn’t get over how unreadable it made things and switched to using NetNewsWire. That’s worked really well for me. I have 53 feeds spanning from journal TOCs to xkcd and a few food blogs.

  20. I depended on Google Reader, and am very sad to see it go. I’ve been trying feedly this week. I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

  21. I’ve used Google Reader exclusively for many years – since I started following blogs. I use it everyday that I have an internet connection and during the day it it open in a window all day with so many feeds to read. I will switch to feedly (as it seems to be the top runner now) by July but really hate to lose Google Reader. I like the simplicity of reader and don’t want a magazine style layout or have forced integration in to the feeds of other services such as Google+, which I rarely use.

  22. Google reader is how I see most of the web, including your blog here and at SciAm, local news, international news, photography news, many friends, changelogs for various projects I’m involved in, beer news, web comics, podcasts, and a hundred other uncategorizable sources. I was a fool to think it would last, especially after the hamfisted Google+ integration.

  23. Its how I saw this notification as a matter of fact!

    I’ve got feedly, but am still waiting to see who comes out on top of the new RSS wars (or if Google has managed to kill RSS in general by dismantling the backend that everyone seems to use).

  24. Been using it for a couple years now, was extremely glad to find it. I might go to Old Reader or something now. I certainly want a “Google Reader type thing”. Humbug!

  25. I have never used Google Reader. I use Thunderbird to handle all of my feeds and to coordinate all of my email addresses from various domains. It’s not as good as Outlook 2010, but it’s free and I have it on a portable thumb drive to use on various desktops/laptops.

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