Thursday Night Mystery: An Early Instar


Boy? Or Girl?

Several months hence, one Myrmecos point will be awarded to each person who guesses whether our little first instar is XX or XY.

36 thoughts on “Thursday Night Mystery: An Early Instar”

  1. Cheryle O'Donnell

    I’m thinking that the budding antomologist is an XY! Congratulations to Jo and you! What a wonderful gift!

  2. I would bet money on XY. I can explain why in greater detail another time but its got to do with sex ratios and women’s roller derby;)

  3. Brian O'Meara

    Congrats! And let me be the first to congratulate the tike on choice of parents. Though perhaps she or he is destined to be the first kid in history to have a father complain that it is far too large as an infant for good photos.

  4. Congratulations to the entire Myrmecos colony! Whatever parenting strategy you adopt down the road, just make sure it’s not modeled after Adetomyrma! 😉

    Oh, and assuming Alex was involved in the conception, I’m gonna guess XY!

    1. They can do that now! 3-d ultrasounds are pretty much focus stacking for ultrasound. We saw a couple on our 3rd kid as routine imagery (as well as fetal MRI, but that wasn’t so routine). The artifacts are a bit high so don’t freak out a weird protrusions where the don’t belong!

  5. James C. Trager

    Oh wow! There’s a Myrmecos, a Mrs. Myrmecos, and now a baby Myrmecos! Awesome!

    Best wishes for an easy pregnancy!

  6. Given the lineage you should be happy with diploid! But I’ll guess an adorable XX that wants to be a ballerina since that’s just the way these things work :). Congrats and best of luck!

  7. Gheez! Even ultrasound photos of Alex Wild’s offspring are well focused, beautiful and fit the 2/3rds rule. Congratulations Alex!

  8. Gunnar Mikalsen Kvifte

    I will not guess; I am pretty sure it will make you very happy either way. I hope, however, that it is will become a dipterist and that I can be her/his supervisor for the PhD some day!

  9. What, no points for identifying genus and species? Darn. Not being an entomologist, yet a regular visitor to your blog and admirer of your work, there I was hoping that for once I could confidently answer one of your weekly mystery challenges and earn some points!

    Congrats! My guess is XY. And as a father of a toddler (and of one more on the way), I can only say good luck keeping those small, sweet, inquisitive, active, and very very fast hands off your expensive photographic equipment in a few years’ time…

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