Answer to the Monday Mystery

What was Monday’s orange fur? It was the rear end of a bumble bee:

Bombus bifarius, abdomen

Our winner for the week is, of course, bee biologist Polly Nator, to whom I’ll award 8 points for picking the structure, family, genus, and just missing the species by guessing its nearly-identical sister B. ternarius. I am also awarding 2 LOL points to Sara, who bravely ventured that it might, in fact, have been Big Bird.

Polly Nator is also our monthly winner, edging out Morgan Jackson’s 7 points from earlier in the month. Polly- email me for your loot!


1 thought on “Answer to the Monday Mystery”

  1. Alex, I had wondered why you were into roller derby, but now I realize it’s a Midwestern entomologist thing. 🙂

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