Belize, and a short break

Portrait of a Belizean grasshopper.

The oddly contradictory activity of nature blogging means there are times when I actually have to leave the keyboard and go find some nature. This is one of those times! We’ll be off in the warm jungles of Belize for the next week or so holding BugShot’s first tropical insect photography workshop. Internet access will be spotty, so blogging will be slow to non-existent. All for a good cause, though.

Happy January everyone!

3 thoughts on “Belize, and a short break”

  1. I guess there’s nothing really special or new about that shot, but damn its fine. The colour contrast, values, lighting, sculpture, are all really nice – making it superb. Kudos (:

  2. Hope you have a great time in Belize Alex and please, let us hear all about it for all of us who could not attend!

    Happy January to you also!

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