Sunday Night Movie: Giant Anteater & Termite Nutrition

A short clip from the BBC:

9 thoughts on “Sunday Night Movie: Giant Anteater & Termite Nutrition”

  1. James C. Trager

    Ha! We should all be so “inept”!

    While I’m at it, the narrator may impress some as an Attenborough wannabe, but I think he did a good job.

    Termites are veritable ecosystems!

    1. I only rarely post National Geographic videos for the Sunday Night Movies because of the awful narration. This guy was trying to be Attenborough, but at least he’s a laudable role model.

      1. The simple omission of added attention-grabbing “CRASH” “POING” “SCHOOOOOOOM” sounds is astounding in this day and age. Also the lack of “life-and death battle” action narration actually makes it bearable.


        1. Two questions: What are the exclusive termite feeders in temperate deciduous or mixed forests, like the NJ Pine Barrens? Do all termites have nitrogen-capturing symbiotes, or just the families that are fungus gardeners?

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