Why didn’t anyone tell me that Myrmecosaurus is an actual thing?

Myrmecosaurus ferrugineus (Image by Joe MacGown)

3 thoughts on “Myrmecosaurus!”

    1. Thanks for the bibliography, David. I’m guessing this would be predator/prey relationship, as many ant nest staphs feed on ant brood.

      I’d love to see these in the field!

      1. Thanks Alex!

        I’d be curious to know whether the beetles prey upon ant larvae (as with Martinezia dutertrei on Solenopsis invicta), acquire food through strigilation (as with Euparia castanea also on S.invicta), or by plundering ant booty (!)

        The next question would be akin to bats and moths- how do fire ants defend against this, has there been an evolution of back-and-forth defensive/offensive strategies, do they bother, or is there some sort of advantage to keeping them around?

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