See how long you can make it through the photo caption with a straight face:


(this photo and associated misinformation is copyrighted by Adegsm/Solent. My reproduction of it here is editorial commentary and as such is Fair Use under U.S. copyright law).

Ant no love like a mother’s love…A mother ant shows off her strength and agility as she plays with her young child and lifts it above her head. The yellow ant stood on a delicate purple flower and balanced on her back two legs as she juggled the youngster, who is a third her size. Photographer Adegsm (real name Thanh Ta Quang), who took over 2,000 snaps of the ants in a month but only got a handful of pictures he was happy with. SEE OUR COPY FOR DETAILS…Main pic: The ‘mother’ ant lifts her youngster above her head…Please byline: Pic: Adegsm /Solent..© Adegsm/Solent.UK +44 (0) 2380 458800.


If you think that’s bad, the alleged newspaper Daily Mail went and ran with the concept, somehow finding space in the error-fest to interject more:

A spindly yellow ant looks bewitchingly human as she lifts her son high overhead in a game that will be familiar to any parent.

Photographers are people who know about cameras. We’re basically dumb as a sack of bricks about everything else. Smart editors know this and don’t trust photographers to tell them anything beyond the EXIF data. The Daily Mail, on the other hand…