Course Announcement: Tropical Behavioral Ecology and Evolution


Myrmecologist Rachelle Adams sends in this announcement for a month-long course in tropical biology to be held this spring in Panama:

In collaboration with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, the Center for Social Evolution at the University of Copenhagen is happy to announce the graduate course, “Tropical Behavioural Ecology and Evolution”. The course takes place in April and May 2013 and provides an overview of the patterns and processes that determine tropical biodiversity and of the evolutionary ecology of key invertebrate model systems. This synergistic international course is offered for the second time and we anticipate it will be as inspiring as the course we taught in 2011. The main instructors, Rachelle Adams, Koos Boomsma, and Jon Shik are experts in symbioses, ant ecology, evolution and behavior and will work personally with each student  to develop independent research projects that are feasible and can be completed in the 3 ½  weeks in Panama.  Please see ( for more information and contact Rachelle Adams at


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  1. This is a great course embedded in one of the best studied tropical forests in the world. Moreover, you will be surrounded by an international community of tropical biologists–it’s a great place to meet people and converse over meals and on the forest trails.

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