Show us your best science/nature images of 2012!

Over at Compound Eye I am collecting a list of everyone’s “Best-Of” 2012 science/nature photographs. If you’ve got a blog or gallery with your own favorites from the year, let me know by email or comment and I’ll share it with readers of the Scientific American blogs:

If you are a science or nature photographer and you have made a Best-Of-2012 selection of your own work, blogged your best effort, facebooked your favorites, or otherwise reported your prime cuts in an online medium, share your link in the comments!

Alternately, if Sci Am’s comment system is giving you trouble, you may email your link to me ( alwild -at- ) with “Sci Am 2012 Best” in the subject line.

The rules are as follows:

  1. The subject matter must cover a science/nature theme.
  2. The work must be your own.
  3. The content must be hosted publicly online – lone photos emailed to me won’t be considered.

Once a sizable list has accrued I will curate your links in a new post. I know many of you are brimming with talent- I am excited to see your best!


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  1. Hi Alex,

    I sent an email, but forgot to make the right subject line. Sorry, my bad! If you filter messages, hope you not gonna miss one that says “links to pictures”

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