Answer to the Monday Mystery

A drone emerges.

To answer Monday’s question, you needed to know two things: first, that the image showed honey bee drone larvae around day 9 of development; and second, the predictable timeline of honey bee development. Since drones take 24 days to mature, and the June 26th photographs was taken on day 9 or so, that would schedule adult emergence for around July 11, 2011.

No one guessed it exactly, and there was some confusion over whether these were really honey bees, or drones, or workers. But we had two guesses bracketing my estimated date by a day, so I’ll award 5 points each to Guillaume D. and to knackbock.

3 thoughts on “Answer to the Monday Mystery”

    1. Yes, its possible and if you look at a comb its usually pretty obvious. But since I disqualified myself I’ll let others explain.

      I like the above picture because it shows how the cell caps are composed: a silk part from the larvae and a wax part from the bees.

      Btw, are these myrmecos-points in great demand? Can I sell them on ebay? Because in your average Monday Mystery, I dont stand the slightest chance…

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