You don’t see too many companies that banner-advertise their illegal activities. So, this is cheeky:

It is not legal to import potential pest insects to the United States, for reasons I should not have to explain. If you order from the UK-based traffiker “CG Ants”, be aware that you are breaking the law.

7 thoughts on “Illegal”

  1. Hi

    At CG Ants we maintain permits and have done since our beginning. Our permits allow us to successfully ship outside the UK, USA amongst the countries we ship to.

    The false information that is being shared about our business is really frustrating for us as we worked and continue to work so hard to get live ants to the states legally, safely and securely for ant keepers to enjoy species we deem safe.

    Kind Regards,
    George James

  2. Maybe you could enlighten us as to which governmental authority in the UK issued your permits and what exactly they cover you for? From what I understand every consignment exported would need a separate permit. I suppose to back up your statement you could give us the email address of the issuing authority – then anyone who is concerned could simply email and ask if cg ants has been granted legal permits to export ants!

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