The best-selling print to date: Pseudomyrmex spinicola (Panama)

A few days back I placed 30 photographic prints on sale. The pieces are priced so low for the holidays-barely above cost- I didn’t expect much of a return. But they have been moving briskly. I appear, in fact, to be losing a bet to Mrs. Myrmecos over just how well the sale would go.

So, thanks! I appreciate all of you who emerged from the woodwork to order a print. And, if you feel like supporting Myrmecos blog, the sale continues until January 1st.

Also new: Slime Mold prints!

In other developments, last week’s unique photographic experience left me with a problem. My site is so tightly organized around insects I’m not sure where to put slime molds. So until I figure out where to file them, I’ve put the new photos here:

Dictyostelium gallery

Prints can also be ordered of the slime molds, though not at quite as steep a discount as the holiday sale photos.