Sunday Night Movie: Valley of the Lost Ants (coming soon!)

As a fan of the charming Minuscule series, I couldn’t be happier about the upcoming movie. Here’s the trailer:

(higher-quality version here)

4 thoughts on “Sunday Night Movie: Valley of the Lost Ants (coming soon!)”

  1. Those ants are more or less looking like “real” cartoon ants, while still being charming 🙂 and not like someone with an extra set of legs and two straws sticking out of their heads!

    1. The reddish ants have ocelli. My guess is toward a workerless (cookie-can?) parasite species. And based on geographical distribution (France, maybe), it could be a Formica or Leptothorax. Ignoring the clypeal denticles and astonishing head type, of course. 🙂

      But doing this kind of ID attempt I’ll taking off the fiction pleasure of the movie… The parrot-like call done by the “marauder” chief was awesome. Hahaha!

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