Answer to the Monday Mystery

Xenox trigrinus

In the several-year history of the Monday Mystery, few people have so thoroughly nailed the correct answer as Joel Kits:

Bombyliidae: Xenox tigrinus

Longitudinal veins from the top right are R1 in extreme corner, R2+3, R4+5 (Rs before R2+3 splits off at left and splitting into R4 and R5 at right), M1, M2, and CuA1. Crossveins are r-m at top left and dm-cu closing cell dm.

By my count that’s 10 points to Joel for being the first to the correct taxonomic answer, plus 8 venation bonus points, for 18 total. That’s going to be hard to beat for the monthly tally.

And, two bonus points to BioBob for keeping me company in the lonely first hours of the challenge.

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