The daily life of an entomologist

I know some of you young folks are thinking of becoming professional entomologists. That’s a fine career choice. Intellectually stimulating. Full of adventure and intrigue. Before you decide to embark on such an unusual professional journey, though, you’d do well to know how full-time entomologists spend their days:

The daily life of an entomologist. In our very wildest dreams.

Ha! Just kidding.

For a glimpse at the actual daily activities of a university entomologist, have a look at McGill professor Chris Buddle’s schedule:

5 thoughts on “The daily life of an entomologist”

  1. Meeting with the undergrads? One of my friends has never had a meaningful exchange of words with his PI (though there’s one undergrad whom he is apparently chummy with). Their lab does take up at least two entire hallways, though.

  2. Haha very nice graph there. One can only hope to have a schedule like Chris Buddle as that would imply a measure of success. Still, I plan to chase many a butterfly and other insect over the coming summer break in my hemisphere to add to my insect collection. I never thought that ‘insects’ would be the reason I started looking forward to summer so much 🙂

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