Friday Beetle Blogging: A Darkling with Color

The Friday Beetle returns with a splash of elytral color!

Darkling beetle (Tenebrionidae) Kibale Forest, Uganda

I found this insect walking about on a rotting log in a Ugandan Forest. It is unusually gaudy for a tenebrionid, a family which typically favors grays, blacks, and browns. I don’t know the species- if you recognize it, please speak up!

photo details: Canon MP-E 65mm 1-5x macro on a Canon EOS 7D
ISO 200, f/13, 1/250th second
Diffused overhead twin flash 

6 thoughts on “Friday Beetle Blogging: A Darkling with Color”

  1. Most disappointed that I can only offer the comment of J. B. S. Haldane and say that I too (like God) have an inordinate fondness for beetles.

  2. Is this a lightling beetle then? I’ve seen some delightfully metallic tenebs on the West Coast and in Central America.

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