Wednesday Night Mystery: Why is this photograph interesting?

Here’s an image from Belize:

Why do you suppose I found this scene interesting enough to photograph?

(the answer is over in the right sidebar, if you hunt around for it among the new image uploads)

11 thoughts on “Wednesday Night Mystery: Why is this photograph interesting?”

  1. That’s a plant that has ants living in it, and they tend to kill protect their home by killing vines and herbaceous insects. The fact that the vine tendril is so coiled suggests that no ants live in the plant.

  2. To comment on another plant in the picture, it was recently discovered that these plant tendrils represent a new type of spring that was unknown to humans. They have a similar shape as a telephone cord, but they display an interesting property. When you tug on either end of a telephone cord it eventually flattens out, but if you pull on either end of these plant tendrils they actually wind tighter. Here’s the link:

  3. What is interesting is not just the bullhorn acacia (and ant-plant symbiosis) but that this little tendril hasn’t been destroyed by the Pseudomyrmex yet!

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