Is Our Starbucks Learning?

I spotted this geographically-challenged mural at the Heathrow Airport Starbucks:

12 thoughts on “Is Our Starbucks Learning?”

      1. Bah, a mere pecadillo !

        Antarctica and many islands around the globe have been totally submerged by sea level rise, which is real reason why they are not present on the map !

        On the other hand, some islands which used to be virtual flyspecks of land have grown enormous in extent and Kamchatka (which used to be one of my favorite map segments in the game Risk) has mysteriously shifted hundreds of miles. This is no doubt a good indication of the end of the world as we know it.

  1. Alex, love it…I used this in my Tropical Ecology class today. BTW, I give the students a geography quiz every year and the results are…illuminating. Who knew the Himalayas were in Canada? or that Nigeria was in South America? Or that the island so big they call it a continent is actually China/India? All real answers I have gotten in the past few years.

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