Strumigenys lujae

Strumigenys lujae (Kibale Forest, Uganda)

One perk of anting in Uganda was the lovely little Strumigenys lujae. Ants of this genus are cryptic and difficult to find in most parts of the world, yet in our corner of Africa S. lujae were in every rotting log and thick in the leaf litter.

I’ve posted a few new photos to my Strumigenys gallery.

2 thoughts on “Strumigenys lujae”

  1. Maybe this is a simple question, but is it harder to take macro pictures of smaller ants like Strumigenys? I would think so, but I’ve also noticed that many larger ants, like Formica, seem to move rather frenetically, perhaps an adaptation in order to compensate for easier detection by predators!

  2. That’s a good question, FF. All else being equal, larger subjects are easier than smaller ones. They are easier to find in the viewfinder, the depth of field is less of an issue, and the optics allow for much sharper images.

    Yet, as you mention the larger ants often run more quickly. I’d say it’s pretty dependent on the species.

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