Photos from Ant Course, Part 1 of Zillions

Ant scientists typically list a battery of technical reasons for why they chose to work on formicids- ecological dominance, social behavior, and so on- but ant science holds another advantage. Myrmecology is a lovely community of people, too. Here’s a shot from the Uganda Ant Course last month.

Myrmecologists Christian Peeters (France) and Corrie Moreau (USA) on the opening night of Ant Course 2012

6 thoughts on “Photos from Ant Course, Part 1 of Zillions”

  1. (Pssst… Christian has been living in France for a couple of decades now, but he holds a Belgian passport. Just saying, you know, it might be like calling a Canadian an American (or is it more offensive the other way around?).)

    That’s a great couple of myrmecologists!!

  2. This picture says it all. It’s the beer-drinking among myrmecologists. Try having the Ant Course in a dry state. (Good to see Christian and Corrie!)

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