BugShot 2012 reverberates through the blogosphere

The happy group makes antennae for the camera! (BugShot 2012, Archbold Biological Station, photo by Josh Mayes).

I’m back from a simply tremendous weekend at the 2012 BugShot photo workshop!

This year’s event was handily attended by a cadre of social media-savvy bloggers, so rather than recap the festivities myself I will leave you in the capable hands of participants. I will continue to update the list as more material works its way to the internet.

We are working on a schedule for 2013, including west coast and international courses. Stay tuned!


Bug Geek (who seems to be writing the definitive BugShot course manual): Instructors’ Top Tips | Magnification | Light | Working with Insects | Composition | Favorite Photos

(see also Crystal’s reflections on networking at the workshop)

Biodiversity in Focus: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Ambush Bug | Lynx Spider

Dragonfly Woman: 5 Things I’ve Learned at BugShot 2012 | BugShot 2012 (Part 1)

Things Biological: Leafhopper with Brochosomes | Post BugShot To-Do List | Devil’s Rider Walking Sticks | Lynx Spider

Mokka mit Schlag: Memos from BugShot 2012

South Dakota Bugs: BugShot 2012

A misty sunrise at Archbold Biological Station (photo by Josh Mayes)


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BugShot 2012 Flickr Pool

Josh Mayes (facebook)

BugLadySuzanne (flickr)

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  1. That was an amazing workshop and look forward to going again next year! I’ll get my blog updated once my lightroom 4 package comes in the mail and I can edit my photos.

    Thanks again Alex!

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