Update from Africa: the cutest ant competition

Our internet here in Kibale is hit-or-miss. But let me attempt to break through with a pair of adorable ants. Which one would you rather cuddle?

Entry #1:

Entry # 2:

25 thoughts on “Update from Africa: the cutest ant competition”

  1. The actual shapes of the antennae, the front tibiae and the gaster are slightly cuter in number one, but the velvety texture of number two is also very appealing. I think I might have to go for #2, while acknowledging that both are impropably cute.

  2. As much as I think Discos are cute, relative to the Tetramorium, this Disco is more threatening looking (tiny pin-prick eyes, propodeal denticles). The big eyes and shorter mesosoma of the Tetramorium are far less threatening.

  3. Well, I might be a bit biased since I work with Tetramorium but I also go for #2. It is certainly one of the cutest ants I’ve ever seen. In Kibale we had the great chance to see them alive foraging on tree trunks and even carrying termites as prey items.

    By the way, as Barry Bolton pointed out on the Antwebblog, the name of the teddy-bear ant is Tetramorium pulcherrimum. The name tells us enough, I think.

    1. Ha! Those are great, thanks for sharing them!

      I know your blog says I’m not allowed to post pictures from your site here, but could I share just one?

  4. I probably would think these were cute, but all I can think of is them in swarms crawling all over my bed(which I would find TERRIFYING) so my Myrmecophobia keeps me from liking either of them.

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