Live-Blogging the Ant Course

Corrie Moreau and Brian Fisher demonstrate the Winkler ant-collecting method. Kibale Forest, Uganda.

Hey guys! I’m in an African forest! With monkeys! And myrmecologists!

And, oddly, a field modem!

So we’re blogging the Ant Course as it happens. Follow the action over at Ant Web’s Ant Blog.

8 thoughts on “Live-Blogging the Ant Course”

  1. James C. Trager

    I was thinking how bad ass that Tetramorium picture from Kibale, over at the Ant Web blog, looks.

    I’m tantalized and eagerly awaiting more. . .

  2. I’m terribly happy to see my friend Eunice smiling away in that photo of yours, Alex! (:
    Thank you for the update!

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