BugShot 2012: the program

Thomas Shahan explains focus-stacking at BugShot 2011

We have finalized our program for the BugShot 2012 insect photography workshop in Florida! See below for the full schedule.

BugShot 2012:
Schedule of Events

John Abbott
Thomas Shahan
Alex Wild

Thursday August 23: Hello!

3-6:00pm           arrival and check-in

6:00                       welcome & dinner

7:30                       instructors’ top 5 tips

8:00                       Open (night photography, social, sleep)

Friday August 24: The Basics

6:30-8:00            continental breakfast

8:00                       Introduction to the Archbold Biological Station

8:30                       Field Session 1: group A (Thomas), group B (John), group C (Alex)

10:00                    Concurrent sessions: pick one!

Room A: Introduction to Entomology (John)
Room B: Introduction to Photography (Alex & Thomas)

noon                     lunch

1:00                       Methods of magnification (Thomas)

2:00                       Lighting (Alex)

2:50                       break

3:00                       Tripods, supports, filters, triggers, and other equipment (John)

4:00                       Field Session 2: group A (John), group B (Alex), group C (Thomas)

5:30                       open

6:00                       dinner

7:30                       Composition (Thomas, John, Alex)

8:00                       Group review and critique of photos

Saturday August 25: Special Techniques

6:30-8:00            continental breakfast

8:00                       Field Session 3: group A (Alex), group B (Thomas), group C (John)

10:00                    Working with insects in the studio (Alex)

11:00                    Special Technique: focus-stacking (Thomas)

noon                     lunch

1:00                       open studio session

3:00                       Special Technique: High-speed flash photography (John)

4:00                       Special Technique: Time lapse photography & videography (Alex)

5:00                       open

6:00                       dinner

7:30                       Post-Processing

8:00                       Group review and critique of photos

9:00                       Blacklighting; night walk

Sunday August 26: Workflow & Windup

6:30-8:00            continental breakfast

8:00                       Group photo

8:30                       Digital Asset Management (John)

9:50                       break

10:00                    Sharing your images- a discussion of social media (Alex)

11:00                    Open Topic(s) -to be determined by group interest*

noon                     lunch

1:00                       closing comments

1:30                       clean-up and departure

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