Answer to the Monday Night Mystery

How did you do on the beekeeping challenge? The correct answers were:


Points are awarded as follows (no points for split guesses!):

MrILoveThe Ants: 5
Erin Ingram: 4
Alex Surcica: 1

And this brings us to the end of the month, and to our final tally for July. Our leading scorers are Bioczw and Sean McCann, tied at 10 points each, Congratulations! Please email me for your loot.

3 thoughts on “Answer to the Monday Night Mystery”

  1. So I questioned questions 5 and 7.
    “5. You’ve decided to become a beekeeper! Which of the following ways to obtain bees will give you the fastest population increase?”
    The answer was “a. A nucleus hive” probably because they already have capped brood. Locally in NJ a lot of people have trouble getting those 5 frame boxes through the winter alive. From experience though I’d always pick a “c. A large captured swarm” because they’ll have 10 frames drawn out in 2 to 4 weeks. Maybe the question should be worded “Which will result in the earliest new born bees?”

    “7. Which symptom(s) indicate a failing queen?”
    The answer was “b. The pattern of capped brood is sporadic” which I agree with. But also “c. The hive contains hundreds of drones” can be a sigh that the queen is past her prime or not mated. In either case she’s certainly failing to do her job.

    1. Yes, those are thoughtful responses, but I decided against allowing multiple answers as a technicality.

      For question 7, though, healthy hives contain hundreds of drones as part of a normal spring/summer population. I included that answer as a trap for people inclined to over-thinking the problem.

      1. I was told that Apis mellifera mellifera does not lay eggs regularly like buckfast, one frame side at a time, but maybe I misunderstand what is “sporadic”.

        “(no points for split guesses!)”
        Damned! 🙂

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