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Eric Michael Johnson takes a look at the interminable kin vs. group selection debate and decides the argument is more ego and semantics than right vs. wrong:

So is that what this fight is really all about, the objection over a name change? On a superficial level, yes, but there are larger stakes involved. Consider the case of Pluto. When the International Astronomical Union demoted Pluto from it’s longheld status as a planet in 2006 it was met with outrage. Even something as simple as a name change must face the reality of textbooks that have to be rewritten, professional reputations that are invested in the status quo, funding opportunities that could be lost, as well as a theoretical shift that some scientists may be unwilling to make.

The bug blogosphere scores a welcome new addition with photographer Piotr Naskrecki’s Smaller Majority.

Alison at 6legs2many finds a hilarious Taxonomy Fail.

Macromite gets funky.

Bug Girl looks at the extended mating habits of stick insects.

Jerry Coyne ponders discoveries that might disprove the theory of evolution.

Morgan Jackson’s mantisfly needs a caption.

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