Compare and Save

Sphecius specious

So you want to buy a Cicada Killer wasp to display in your neo-Victorian hipster loft. You could go to New York’s Evolution store:

Forty-nine dollars?

Or you could visit BioQuip bugs:

Not forty-nine dollars.


8 thoughts on “Compare and Save”

  1. Or you could collect one yourself this summer! They act aggressively, but sphecid expert Arnold Menke told me that they rarely sting.

    When I was a teenager I came across a winter aggregation of these wasps – dozens packed tightly together on the trunk of a tree. I’m still mystified.

  2. $3.99? Hah! I can beat that. FREE! For anyone with a tennis racquet who comes to my back yard. Dozens to choose from! Hurry and swat yours today!

    1. Terence Dodge


      I have little knowledge here. Is the A.R. Wallace reference to Alfred Russel Wallace the british naturalist or a different A.R. Wallace?

      1. Same one. He was shipping specimens all the time he was in the Amazon, and did the same in Indonesia.

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