Takashi Komatsu Photographs A Bestiary of Army Ant Associates

Takashi Komatsu travelled to the Amazon earlier this year and did a phenomenal job capturing photographs of the rich entourage of arthropods that travels with army ants. For example:

A rove beetle roves in a column of Eciton burchellii army ants (Peru). Image: Takashi Komatsu.

Go see the rest of the series.

12 thoughts on “Takashi Komatsu Photographs A Bestiary of Army Ant Associates”

  1. James C. Trager

    These are great. I especially liked the scarab (I think) with the E. burchelli color pattern.
    You’ve got some colleagues out there, Alex, and it’s quite nice that you share some of their work with us.

    1. I only stop by the Japanese ant blogs every couple months, James. Probably not frequently enough, considering the pace of amazing natural history photography they produce.

  2. Takashi Komatsu

    I’m most grateful to you for introduction of my blog! I like your beautiful ant’s photograph so much.

  3. joseph K.Green

    Takashi I too enjoyed your detailed photos and was wondering how you managed to get so close and capture the many tiny invertebrates .
    Have you published any of your work?

    1. Takashi Komatsu

      I am postdoctoral fellow of Japanese university and studying interaction between ants and myrmecophilous insects. Although I remain unpublished, I will publish picture book of Japanese myrmecophilous organisms with my colleague in this summer.

  4. Joseph K.Green

    Takashi will this upcoming publication be availible here in the U.S. and which university are you connected to?

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