New! Personal, One-on-One Photography Lessons

Hover fly (Urbana, Illinois) - field photograph from a student session, April 2012

Although I’ve not mentioned it much, this year I started a fun new sideline this year to my little photography business: private photography lessons. I enjoy these. People have different interests, strengths, and types of equipment. As much as I like the bigger workshops, their requisite one-size-fits all approach cannot always meet every student’s expectation. Hence, the individual session.

Drone honey bee, focus-stack - photograph from a student session, April 2012

If you’re interested, here’s what we do:

Individual lessons are a fun, relaxed, and efficient way to improve your skills while adding striking new images to your collection. A typical day schedule runs 8:00 – 4:30, with lunch included. In the morning we visit local prairie and woodland sites around Urbana, Illinois to shoot seasonally active insects in the wild. In the afternoon we work with live animals in the studio, ensuring that you take home your own professional-quality fine art images.

A half-day session can be designed for either field or studio photography, as suits your inclination.

Sessions are personalized to match your experience and equipment. Available topics include the technical aspects of operating your equipment, field techniques for finding and working with live insects, the aesthetics of lighting and composition, and special techniques like focus-stacking and time-lapse videography. We can also target species of interest such as slave-raiding ants, stick insects, aquatic beetles, and honey bees in the hive.

That’s right! If you’d like to photograph slave-raiding ants in the field, or Strumigenys, or the workings of a beehive, or whatever else captures your imagination, we can arrange it. Just drop me an email.

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  1. Henry (Rob) Robison

    A wonderful idea Alex! I may try and take advantage of your new one-on-one lessons later! Great idea!

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