Resposta para o mistério segunda-feira: A Abelha Jataí

What was yesterday’s mysterious Ear Wax/Fry Bread challenge?

The Brazilians (Júlio Chaul, Bob Solar, Techuser, etc.) nailed it in a matter of, oh, seconds:

Tetragonisca angustula, the "Jataí" bee, is one of the few non-Apis bee species cultivated for honey production. Nests have a characteristic wax tube at the entrance.
A Tetragonisca angustula stingless bee works wax at the nest entrance.

As they should. Tetragonisca are common, widely-recognized insects in South America. I even used to keep a colony on my porch when I lived in Paraguay. They produced a lovely watery honey.

I was delighted to be able to photograph these little bees again in Brazil. For good reason. The last time I tried shooting a Tetragonisca nest was in 1998, before the photography bug bit me. I wasn’t very good. Look:

My pet stingless bees, c. 1998 (Paraguay)

I think I’ve gotten better.

Anyway. Next week’s challenge will be harder. I promise.

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