Answer to the Monday Mystery

Who was that mysterious bearer of strange bodily flourishes? Here’s the full photograph:

A millipede's spines tangle up a worker ant (Huachuca Mountains, Arizona)

All you bug nerds who guessed a Polyxenid millipede (and that’d be nearly everyone: Phil, Warren, Dave, Aburame_44, B. Boudinot) were correct. These little myriapod porcupines come armed with nasty detachable spines on their rears whose primary feature is recurved barbs that cause the spines to stick to everything. Have a look at the poor ant above, hopelessly stuck to one of her sister larvae.

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  1. Thank you Alex … i’m actually working on millipedes that’s why i was sure of it, but like you said i’m a bug nerd too. all the Arthropoda fascinate me.

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