One-Day Macro Photography Class: Chicago, July 8

If you are in Chicago and interested in learning the dark art of photographing insects, I’m offering a day course on July 8th. The session will include studio work with live animals. Here’s a preliminary schedule:

9:00 Entomology 101 (presentation)
10:15 break & discussion
10:30 Methods of Magnification (presentation)
11:00 Lighting a small world (presentation & practice)
12:00 lunch & discussion
1:00 Working with insects (practice)
3:00 Special Techniques: focus-stacking (practice)
4:00 Closing comments & discussion

For more information, and to register, follow the link:

(Note: don’t be spooked that the registration page lists Rick Katz as the instructor – that’s an administrative thing. I’m guest-teaching the macro bit for Rick’s series)

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