New ant genera from Madagascar and Africa

Please welcome the shiny new ant genera Tanipone and Vicinopone to the world’s ant fauna!

Tanipone aversa holotype worker (Madagascar)
Vicinopone conciliatrix (Ghana)

The new genera emerge from a detailed taxonomic study of the Malagasy and Afrotropical genus Simopone, published this week by Barry Bolton and Brian Fisher in an open-access monograph in Zootaxa.

source: Bolton B., Fisher B.L. 2012. Taxonomy of the cerapachyine ant genera Simopone Forel, Vicinopone gen. n. and Tanipone gen. n. (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Zootaxa 3283: 1–101.

4 thoughts on “New ant genera from Madagascar and Africa”

  1. I’m confused: What would a genus of cryptic subterranean ant-hunting specialists do with such large (and, dare I say, adorable) eyes?

  2. Those are some wierd looking ants. If I had just seen the pix, I would be pretty much at a loss….

    They certainly are shaped well for living in hollow stems, if that is what they do.

  3. Well, now you’ve done it…I am just a lowly ecologist with a general interest in biogeography and biodiversity but now I am thoroughly sucked into questions on ant biogeography — diversity in relation to ecology — I don’t know where to begin..Wow!

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